Trash the dress Kauai


So the trail at the Cliffs in Princeville was a bit slippery, but Difraser went with the wedding couple, just ten minutes married, off to another adventure. They laughed and kissed even as they skidded and landed on their butts.

The young couple decided to test the waters before taking the full plunge

_MG_8830 And then, what the heck, it’s only a wedding dress.






Kauai Sand Art Festival

Every August, at Hanalei Bay, Kauai’s pristine jungle like beach, there’s a sandcastle building contest, and hundreds come to build in the sand and compete—well, they also come to have oodles of fun. I filmed the first Kauai sandcastle contest in 2010 and again in 2011 and 2012.  This year I barely managed to get to Hanalei Bay to see this year’s crop of castles—I mean mermaids, dragons, sofas, a puppy in a basket. There were all sorts of cleverly crafted sand sculptures.  I took along with me my baby GH2 camera, the smallest most powerful camera I own—even smaller than my GH4. I took a few sweeping video shots just for the hell of it, and then I noticed Tehila (who is a regular shooter for me) and her siblings. They were singing covers and original songs.  Tehila is foremost a singer/songwriter who comes from a large family—like football team large—each member unbelievably striking. Wow, what genes.  Anyway, I sat on the sand, and pointed my GH2.  If you’re interested in getting photo work done, this is not my go-to camera. I usually shoot with a 5D so please visit my regular website to get hold of me. Mahalo.