Beautiful love stories
told by a professional Kauai wedding videographer

 Kris and Joy’s kauai wedding on a secluded beach on the north shore was phenominal.  A fabulous young couple, so easy going, the only issue was the heat, a bit brutal that summer day.  When they saw the finished video they were blown away. So great, Kris kept repeating. I guess that’s why we’ve become friends. They visit us from canada at least twice a year. Anyway, what you see here is a Deluxe video highlight.  3 hours of coverage – pre-ceremony, ceremony, and some after ceremony.  Their full length Kauai wedding video runs 17 minutes.

The Kauai wedding video above is an example of a premium package, high end wedding video.  Craig and Erin came all the way from Sydney Australia to get married in Hanalei. The reason: Erin is an American and her family lives on the mainland; Craig is an Aussie, who just doesn’t play cricket, he has an army of friends and relatives living down under.  Kauai just so happens to be the halfway point, slam dunk in the middle. So the friends came from there, and they came from the mainland, and all over.  It took over a year to plan.  What you see here is a testimonial reel from the premium package Kauai wedding video. It’s a combination of different sequences centering on a series of amusing testimonials, lifted from the full length feature, which runs over 1-hour long. Boy, was this wedding fun!

The wedding of Betty and Aaron high in the sky, a Kauai wedding video by Difraser is next:

Kalalau lookout is a view into the heart of the Kalalau Valley- one of the most-photographed and well-recognized valleys in all of Hawaii. The valley and surrounding coast has served as the backdrop for many movies, not just  “Jurassic Park.” At 4,000 feet it’s a sky-high platform to say, “I  do,” which is exactly what Betty said.  Me and Josh (my son in law)  filmed this one with 3 Canon 5D cameras, a video slider, and I can’t rememeber how many lenses. The reception after the wedding ceremony was a long drive back down the winding mountain road to a major resort in Poipu. Although this was a few years ago, it’s still one of my favorite Kauai wedding videos that I’ve been lucky enough to film, and let me tell you, I’ve filmed hundreds!

Next is the wedding of Casey and Brian — this video starts with the kiss at the alter, the couple having just receoived the officiant’s blessing. The story then takes off from there, with friends and family spinning their thoughts and tales of the day.   This is an add-on second wedding video. The full Kauai wedding video feature runs 22 minutes and includes the reception.

Next is one very spectacular wedding, a 2-day event, local gal with her mainland beau. The wedding video begins intimately, the bride and groom getting ready. Then you’ll see a lavish extravaganza, a wedding spectacle the likes of which you’ll rarely see in a Kauai wedding video. We had four cameras running, two operators. Once I had completed and mailed the finished wedding video I got back this message from Nalani and Derek.

  •  “The video was amazing David. We were crying, laughing, and in awe all at the same time while reliving our wedding weekend. You were able to capture the most unbelievable moments and expressions of our families, myself and my darling husband. Thank you truly for all your creativity, professionalism, and hard work. You were such a joy to have there and you’re vibe was so down to earth, go with the flow. You really read us well and the music in the video were perfect! We love what you’ve done. You guys are THE BEST!   — We are so thankful!. Peace & Love,
    —Nalani Cummings   —

Ruby and Tom got married on a tiny beach along Anini’s long stretch of dramatic beachscapes, Kauai’s north shore.  Sometimes it rains here. This was one of those times. But as you’ll see in this Kauai wedding video, the stormy weather adds to the excitement of the video. Besides, it only lasted a few minutes, we had the umbrellas out, and then the skies cleared and the minister performed the service.  This is a highlights video. The full length video is still a short and sweet video running 14-minutes. If this is the type of Kauai wedding video you desire for your wedding, please choose my elope package. It’s 1.5 hours of coverage, enough time to film celebratory moments after the service.

And here’s a series of clips from various different weddings that I have filmed.



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