Rainy pre-wedding photoshoot

aw so it rained Wedding at Pu’u poa beach, Kauai 

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Wedding at Pu’u poa beach, Kauai

This was a wild and wacky wedding with lots of laughs. See the video “Hard Rock and Rock Pools”

Wedding photography Kauai by Difraser. A paradisiacal escape on a hidden beach with swarms of banyans, odd-shaped boulders and sandy rock pools, a perfect spot for this couple after their wedding ceremony.

At Kalalau lookout for a Kauai wedding

How many hours do you think the videographer spent filming this Kauai wedding?
Wedding cinematographer: Difraser

Two hours won’t cut the mustard, as they say. To pull off a dynamic wedding video like this takes a bunch of hours. I shot this one a few years ago, but to the best of my recall I arrived at the lookout early for a morning ceremony, spent 2 hours at the lookout, then we headed to Poipu and I filmed for another 4 hours. If you’re looking for something as elaborate as this—by the way this is only the highlights video, the full length feature is thirty minutes long—ask me about my premium package. http://www.kauaivideoproductions.com

Pinetrees wedding

The name is really reserved for surfers. Pine trees. Or in this case pinetrees. But once in a while, this stretch of Hanalei Bay beach, notably known for the iconic Andy Irons, gives way to something else, like a wedding. The couple eloped. The ceremony was poignant, short yet meaningful with clever, humorous and heartfelt personal vows, caught by Difraser’s camera and wireless audio setup.  www.difraser.com for wedding cinematography or photography.  

A few years ago, in the age of camera sliders, on a sunny beach in Kauai

Besides great cameras and film lenses, I fashion my videos with all sorts of tools. Of course tripods with professional fluid heads—that’s a given for any pro, but I also use short dollies called sliders, and regular dollies with thirty feet of track—for beach weddings in Kauai not very practical. Then I use jibs and film cranes—again, for a small beach wedding a bit of an overkill, although I love the cinematic look of crane shots. I now also offer aerial shots using a DJI Inspire quadcopter. All in all, the slider is my pick of the crop, light and small enough for the beach or anywhere yet it packs a mighty cinematic punch. If you like the look of this Kauai wedding video with the cinematic feel, and you’d like to book me for your upcoming event, please contact me through my home website at http://www.kauaivideoproductions.com.  I am both a cinematographer and photographer and I love both mediums.

Kauai wedding with thunder and lightning filmed

I love a good storm, the heavy air, the crackle of lightning in the darkening sky, the scent of the grass after the downpour. I was sure happy, however, that this storm at Anini Beach eased up so that the bride and groom could finish their vows. All in all, a great beach wedding captured by my two cameras. In case you’re wondering, this is an Elope Video—for about a thousand dollars. Visit my main website — Difraser  

Sunset wedding photography Kauai

As a wedding cinematographer that works with light and shadow, and understands composition and drama, etc, I said to myself, why not shoot stills? And suddenly I found that I am shooting more still photography than cinematography. Not that I’m unavailable for one or the other or both—I call that hybrid photography. Not separate photography and separate videography— there’s moments when photography gets favored, and moments when videography get favored. But I do offer full separate services—and then I bring along my mate, Mike.  I do sunset beach photography from $350 — www.difraser.com