Milky ocean

Strange  day…I wasn’t in the mood to write. Sunnier than it had been in a few weeks, a very bright afternoon, not great for photography. Nevertheless I felt the urge to wander off with my camera. Loafing off to Hideaways, a spectacular Kauai beach  just ten minutes from my home, I sank my toes into the sand, quickly regretting not bringing bug spray with me. There was  a sea of mosquitos, and all of them were loving my ankles. I decided that hanging around until sunset, two hours, wasn’t an option I could consider—else my ankles would be blood and bone. So in that harsh afternoon sunlight, I screwed a Fader ND onto my 24-105 which allowed me to get a long exposure. The result, well, it turned out better than I expected.

milky ocean


Kauai wedding with thunder and lightning filmed

I love a good storm, the heavy air, the crackle of lightning in the darkening sky, the scent of the grass after the downpour. I was sure happy, however, that this storm at Anini Beach eased up so that the bride and groom could finish their vows. All in all, a great beach wedding captured by my two cameras. In case you’re wondering, this is an Elope Video—for about a thousand dollars. Visit my main website — Difraser  

Sunset wedding photography Kauai

As a wedding cinematographer that works with light and shadow, and understands composition and drama, etc, I said to myself, why not shoot stills? And suddenly I found that I am shooting more still photography than cinematography. Not that I’m unavailable for one or the other or both—I call that hybrid photography. Not separate photography and separate videography— there’s moments when photography gets favored, and moments when videography get favored. But I do offer full separate services—and then I bring along my mate, Mike.  I do sunset beach photography from $350 —