Rainy pre-wedding photoshoot

aw so it rained Wedding at Pu’u poa beach, Kauai 

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Wedding at Pu’u poa beach, Kauai

This was a wild and wacky wedding with lots of laughs. See the video “Hard Rock and Rock Pools”

Wedding photography Kauai by Difraser. A paradisiacal escape on a hidden beach with swarms of banyans, odd-shaped boulders and sandy rock pools, a perfect spot for this couple after their wedding ceremony.

Not all wedding videos cost a bundle

Candidly, it boils down to 2 factors: time and complexity. But if it’s kept simple, just the ceremony filmed,and it’s post produced with minimal editing, then there’s no reason the wedding video—a really well shot video with awesome sound—should cost more than $500. And that’s my fee for a simple wedding video. Here’s a few samples.

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Pinetrees wedding

The name is really reserved for surfers. Pine trees. Or in this case pinetrees. But once in a while, this stretch of Hanalei Bay beach, notably known for the iconic Andy Irons, gives way to something else, like a wedding. The couple eloped. The ceremony was poignant, short yet meaningful with clever, humorous and heartfelt personal vows, caught by Difraser’s camera and wireless audio setup.  www.difraser.com for wedding cinematography or photography.