Rainy pre-wedding photoshoot

aw so it rained Wedding at Pu’u poa beach, Kauai 

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Wedding at Pu’u poa beach, Kauai

This was a wild and wacky wedding with lots of laughs. See the video “Hard Rock and Rock Pools”

Wedding photography Kauai by Difraser. A paradisiacal escape on a hidden beach with swarms of banyans, odd-shaped boulders and sandy rock pools, a perfect spot for this couple after their wedding ceremony.

When the sun goes down

Kauai engagement photography

Lamps can light a scene magnificently, so can clever post production. As a professional photographer living in Kauai, it’s my joy to craft the best looking photographs possible for my clients, at rates that are affordable.

This shot was taken after sunset, atop the bluff that overlooks Hanalei Bay on Kauai’s north shore. It had been a rainy day, a rainy shoot, and the bride’s wedding gown was damp. But the atmosphere was dynamite, phenomenal! We all had a great time.

Sundown and sunset shoots are my favorite.

Pet photography Kauai

You and your pet, photographed by me… let me know what you have (dog, cat, iguana, elephant) and what you hope for with the session. Just $250.

This is Stitch. His sister  is Lilo. I said, “Here, Stich,” and he said, “What’s in it for me?”  Even though he didn’t look at me, he still looks magnificent!


Patrick Ching’s New Art Show

Famous Hawaii artist Patrick Ching, who happens to be a good friend, is working on a 20-episode TV series, which he’ll mostly shoot himself at his own art studio.  This week, Patrick and I spent the day together talking art and video, and I suggested that he  get a Gopro camera, not for the entire shoot of course, but for some of the shots. “It’s an amazing little camera,” I told him.  Fortunately, I had my Gopro 4 with me, so I proceeded to show Patrick jusy how good and easy it is to shoot with it. The clip below is without any lighting, or any setup effort whatsoever. I just whipped out the camera and hit the record button. Oh, and I shot at 1080p, not at the camera’s 4K setting.

Patrick Gopro

Patrick and the Gopro footage





How much to film my wedding

New rates for fall 2016 – ignore the rates below. check http://www.kauaivideoproductions.com

As of July my wedding rates for media services become a bit different.  For photography, beach weddings and small shoots begin at just $450. For video, I no longer offer the simple video but I have reduced the fee of the elaborate Elope Video to just $950 for one hour, $1150 2 hours, and $1350 for 3 hours of coverage.

Deluxe video: 4 hours – $1750 – for a very stylish video.

Premium video coverage: 6, 8 or 10 hours from $3250. You cannot get better!

Best choice: Easy Fusion. Both video and photography. Coverage includes some moments before the  wedding ceremony, the ceremony, and the photographic session following the ceremony.  The fee is just $1250. The video is edited yet mostly unabridged, and you get roughly 120 high res digital photographs.