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I love looking through my viewfinder, knowing my captured instant will live on long after I’ve put away my camera.  And I can’t think of a more perfect place of living this love than on the majestic island of Kauai, Hawaii.  kauai-wedding-videographer-difraser-28

I loved filming Jos and Karman, as much as my camera loved them. But it wasn’t an easy shoot. It was raining much of the time; it rained during the ceremony, down-poured at times during the portrait session following the ceremony. From the images you really can’t tell.  Did they care a hoot?  No. We all laughed.  My drone was the only complainer— it started doing oddities in the air, so much so that I decided to get it down on the ground.  What can I say, the trials and tribulations of a Kauai wedding videographer.


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As a professional wedding photographer and cinematographer, I offer spectacular hybrid packages — wedding video + stunning wedding photos, for smaller elope-type weddings.

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With Kauai’s sun-drenched beaches, breath-stealing sunsets, and verdant tropical forests, our island is a stirring backdrop for your event. You can see many more examples of my Kauai wedding photography and wedding videography on my main website.

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